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Meet Me, the Writing Lover

Meet Michael Sinkolongo (aka LJ Kundananji)…



A person with an insatiable desire to write, write and write more.

I have nothing much to praise myself for, really; except this:


I love writing! That is what I spend most of my time doing.


I have been writing stories as far back as I can remember. So, I sort of fancy myself a writer. And interestingly, the people who read my stories tend to like them. Then it dawned on me…I could actually share my ideas with those who like me, have fallen in love with the art of writing, and have loads of fun doing so too!


I am quite open and therefore would welcome a lot of ideas and suggestions to better this site. so…


If you have come across something that you think is downright wrong, please mention it. I will be very grateful.


I would really want to hear from other writing lovers out there! I am sure you too have a lot of goodies up your sleeve.

I love helping people, and that is the opportunity that writing affords me—yippee!


I live in a serene country, well known for its friendly people. If you would love to learn more about my country, please visit the Zambia Travel Guide.


Enjoy touring my site as I take you on a wild ride down writer’s lane…

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All the best!