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Terms of Use

Here are the terms of use of

Firstly, you got to know that the material on this website is copyrighted. This simply means that you can use it for your own private purposes.

However, you are not allowed to:

  • Distribute any material from this site, either hard copy or soft copy.
  • Copy any material from this site and put it on your website or in any other copy or form intended for distribution or selling.

Here is what you are allowed to do:

  • Save pages from this site for your own private purposes. For instance, you may save a short story onto your personal computer to read later.
  • Put links to any page from your website or blog.
  • Quote from this website, but only if you acknowledge as the source of your quote. If you make a quote on your website or blog, use a clickable link.

These terms and conditions are subject to revision at any time and without prior notification.